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30593 xg5pey PublicFreakout How Latinos fix things celebrated_cemetery View
30594 xg5wqv PublicFreakout Sally Glass, mother of Christian Glass the 22 year man killed by Colorado deputies, eloquently describes the sad state of US policing. Silent_syndrome View
30595 xg5zes PublicFreakout Confidence, that feeling that can get you into serious trouble Cowicide View
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30598 xg69wp PublicFreakout Star Trek fans taunting Star Wars fans queuing to see the Phantom Menace in 1999 lion_OBrian View
30599 xg6ag4 PublicFreakout Russian state media claimed that the offensive footage depicts queen Elizabeth feeding African children like animals in the zoo. Noomba2 View
30600 xg6xva PublicFreakout British guy gets knocked out for running his mouth BillyManHansSr View
30601 xg7246 PublicFreakout Fight breaks out in Costco Enthusiastic_Chimp View
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