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34412 z35gyo PublicFreakout Scene from Jerusalem after Palestinians detonated a bomb at a bus stop, killing a child and injuring dozens Tarvosrevelation View
34413 z35kad PublicFreakout Foxconn workers riot in Zhengzhou, China after being beaten for protesting against bad Covid Lockdown measures and lied to about wages Upbeat-Grapefruit734 View
34414 z361z4 PublicFreakout Leg space argument heyou16 View
34415 z36b22 PublicFreakout Legit bartender PlenitudeOpulence View
34416 z36cnf PublicFreakout They have the most patience for not knocking him out Nom4s View
34417 z36iqc PublicFreakout Massive crowd in China rises up against Hazmat-clad covid cops Ragnarokcometh View
34418 z36jpd PublicFreakout Workers clashes with police/security of Foxxcon IPhone plants in Zhengzhou, China, forcing them out. Imaginary-Top9382 View
34419 z36xi4 PublicFreakout Guy gets too high off weed and has panic attack jbizzle8_ View
34420 z36zpi PublicFreakout Racism in Israel against Ethiopian Jews Inevitable_Shape4776 View
34421 z37lvn PublicFreakout Bosnian Muslims create Anti-LGBT protest shouting Allahu Akber and carrying “We love Muhammad” signs PosavinaHrvat View
34422 z37rc8 PublicFreakout NoJumper podcast guests get into a fight ImNotHereStopAsking View
34423 z381uh PublicFreakout In Washington, DC: A woman repeatedly calls her Uber driver the N-word and a “slave” after he tells her to get out of his face “I employ you. I’m your boss.” PlenitudeOpulence View
34424 z387e3 PublicFreakout Shocking moment pregnant mum with pram attacked by teenager jaypr4576 View
34425 z3899n PublicFreakout Fight Breaks Out During Interview with Suspect & Kelpy habichuelacondulce View
34426 z38f82 PublicFreakout I'm not sure what happened, but....YIKES snowflakequeen_44 View