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34427 z38gh8 PublicFreakout Riot in Zhengzhou City Foxconn Factory soalone34 View
34429 z38s57 PublicFreakout Colorado Springs Shooting Suspect's Father: "They started telling me about the incident, a shooting... And then I go on to find out it’s a gay bar. I got scared, ‘Shit, is he gay?’ And he’s not gay, so I said, phew… I am a conservative Republican.” Chaos_king_ View
34430 z38yei PublicFreakout Black guy gets pushed out of elevator by two racist Karen’s big_alofficial View
34431 z390l1 PublicFreakout two neighbors in India arguing (not sure of context) sakurapinkcherry View
34432 z39861 PublicFreakout Jenna Ellis on the Club Q victims. Silent_syndrome View
34433 z39q7f PublicFreakout November 21st 2022, People fleeing from Haizhu district, Guangdong China as they do not want to be locked down and quarantined because of Chinese Covid laws Upbeat-Grapefruit734 View
34434 z39t2k PublicFreakout Chinese Covid Police beating up people in Haizhu district, Guangdong, China to enforce Covid Lockdown Upbeat-Grapefruit734 View
34435 z39zwz PublicFreakout Posing in the mist of chaos Romano16 View
34436 z3a1ml PublicFreakout 31 Year Old Walmart Manager Kills 10 Employees And Customers During His Shift In Chesapeake, VA S_Hog View
34437 z3a23s PublicFreakout Couple on plane think they are more important than everyone else Koshka69 View
34438 z3a5ir PublicFreakout Man tries to stab a person on a bus but the other passengers stop him Gerazioio View
34440 z3arxc PublicFreakout November 17 2022, two women in Haizhu district, Guangdong, China are chained up by Chinese Covid Police for trying to get their food delivery and leaving Covid Lockdown Upbeat-Grapefruit734 View
34441 z3b0co PublicFreakout Train station fight + flare gun headshot. Calgary, AB swagsauce3 View
34442 z3b1fq PublicFreakout November 14 2022, People in Haizhu district, Guangdong, China protesting against Covid Lockdown measures Upbeat-Grapefruit734 View
34443 z3b50z PublicFreakout Australian anti-corruption youtuber Jordan Shanks (FriendlyJordies) confronts the Australian mainstream media about their complicity in the firebombing of his house thennicke View