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34544 z3xzs1 PublicFreakout Woman shoots a man attempting to kidnap her BillyManHansSr View
34545 z3yq84 PublicFreakout just trying to eat Thanksgiving dinner in the employee dining room and this nutjob employee who was fired yesterday just ran through in a onesie with her dog AND BEGAN ADDRESSING US AND SINGING... Anita_Spanken View
34546 z3zk2v PublicFreakout Karen tries to get employee fired for asking them to switch to a clear bag. -SecondHandSmoke- View
34549 z40ob3 PublicFreakout Shooting at video shoot Lilchowmein0945 View
34550 z41cuu PublicFreakout Sister finds out brother is talking to someone underaged. lucjatendezki View
34551 z41oyt PublicFreakout Side by side view of Serbian and Brazilian coach reactions to the same event. hopopo View
34552 z41t1t PublicFreakout Squibbadibbsloo here heeeee I farted and it stiiiinks woahohoh Enigma3DArt View
34553 z41yxy PublicFreakout Guy tries to impress girls on the beach by doing backflips and takes a big L EveningNight6875 View
34554 z420ov PublicFreakout Protests and riots against harsh Covid Lockdown in Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China Upbeat-Grapefruit734 View
34555 z42301 PublicFreakout Man begging to be let out of Covid Lockdown in Guangzhou, China to send his son to hospital as his son has a high fever, request is denied, locals break things in anger Upbeat-Grapefruit734 View
34556 z425oc PublicFreakout Rioting and protesting in Haizhu district, Guangzhou China against harsh Covid Lockdown Upbeat-Grapefruit734 View
34557 z428t1 PublicFreakout Chinese Covid police forcing a lady to do mandatory Covid testing in Chongqing, China Upbeat-Grapefruit734 View
34559 z42i76 PublicFreakout Rule #1 - All passengers must ride inside the vehicle nycsellit4me View
34560 z42p38 PublicFreakout Argument turns into fight on No Jumper raginghorescock View
34561 z42t48 PublicFreakout What do I do if I'm getting jumped tomorrow by 5 people?... Do Nothing, take like a MAN! nycsellit4me View