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34594 z47h5h PublicFreakout Bringing a whip to a mace fight franklincarterIII View
34595 z4883o PublicFreakout Chinese teacher in Henan, China becomes victim of domestic violence while livestreaming lesson to class Upbeat-Grapefruit734 View
34597 z48isp PublicFreakout Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel says “So What” when asked if Israel has Nuclear Weapons… AnimalMysterious8636 View
34599 z48wo6 PublicFreakout In Mexico, a tourist climbed and danced on a sacred Mayan pyramid and then got attacked by a mob of locals. PetterEnlund01 View
34600 z490dh PublicFreakout Take that child back deadfermata View
34601 z49rbc PublicFreakout American service members confronted by a Canadian in a Poland mall. Asking them if they're here to spread sodomy and other profanities. THISISNOTLEGAL View
34602 z4a79w PublicFreakout NEW - Protests against China's zero-Covid lockdown in Guangzhou. Silent_syndrome View
34603 z4afrm PublicFreakout Saudi Arabia football team coach, Hervé Renard, giving inspiring speech to his team during half time that led them to 2-1 win against Argentina, before half time Argentina was leading with 1-0 Knight_TheRider View
34604 z4ahmc PublicFreakout This man was in the process of filing a grievance against these cops for having seized some of his property. The cops started showing up at his home with their weapons drawn at times. He wasn't having it anymore. methanefreefarts View
34605 z4aqb6 PublicFreakout Hervé Renard, Saudi Arabia football team coach, getting angry on his team and inspiring them with a speech during half time, it was a Saudi Arabia vs Argentian group stage match during FIFA 2022 Knight_TheRider View
34606 z4b69x PublicFreakout refund request turns racist. intenseskill View
34607 z4bdbz PublicFreakout Another disgrace!! World cup stadiums left empty because a teenager on reddit decided to boycott this world cup /s DamnTheAwkardTurtle View
34608 z4bkhi PublicFreakout Stolen Dodge Charger traveling the wrong way plowed into 7 cars at the intersection 87th & Cottage / Chicago ,2 dead and 16 injured . habichuelacondulce View
34609 z4brca PublicFreakout Herschel Walker accuses opponent Raphael Warnock of sexually and physically assaulting a young man at a camp. GermanAntiWar View
34610 z4buz4 PublicFreakout Sometimes, you should just go on with your day. Grenoble, France. carebearstarefear View