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41806 10jy3qn PublicFreakout Bakery owners in Guatemala poisoning dogs just because they sat outside the place jesusfromthehood____ View
41807 10jy6iu PublicFreakout 7 dead in Half Moon Bay mass shooting; suspect is in custody DeMappaussant View
41808 10jybt8 PublicFreakout Students Chant "JAI SHREE RAM": Harass Two Korean Girls Alleging Religious Conversion. CONTEXT IN COMMENTS No_Comment6583 View
41809 10jyme0 PublicFreakout Save animals message gone wrong ? PuffieBeans View
41810 10jzams PublicFreakout Star athlete Sha'Carri Richardson accuses flight crew of harassing her IconicBerserker View
41811 10jzoxn PublicFreakout I have so many questions. And I'm not sure I want the answers to any of them. BuilderCarl View
41812 10jztmf PublicFreakout Every year. Fun_Reindeer_5608 View
41813 10k06k8 PublicFreakout The Public Service Director of Bay City, MI assaulted a teenager. After 4+ months he finally got arrested for it. He's been charged with assault and battery. GrizzlyBearAttack View
41814 10k0gps PublicFreakout Gunfire erupts from a rich neighborhood in Philadelphia BillyManHansSr View
41815 10k0tm9 PublicFreakout Food delivery guy joins drunk Indian guy for a round of dance generation_chaos View
41816 10k11t6 PublicFreakout Pakistan is literally on the verge of collapse but they still got time to Destroy another Minority temple 1000xcoins View
41817 10k1fsa PublicFreakout This man had decided to stop and relax in a public park in the CITY OF MORROW, GA. As he was leaving the park, his car was blocked-in by an unmarked cop car. The scatter-brained driver of the unmarked car was the POLICE CHIEF. The Chief then instigated this insane shit-show. A LAWSUIT is incoming! methanefreefarts View
41818 10k1r5u PublicFreakout The Israeli military’s sheer sadistic savagery as you watch this short clip from an interview with Jewish American Palestinian rights advocate denouncing the Apartheid. Only a snippet of the far more brutal and often deadly realities Palestinians live under Israel’s military occupation transferstudentx View
41819 10k1yy1 PublicFreakout “Do you want to get me pregnant?” kelddel View
41821 10k2jma PublicFreakout Riots in India break out following revelation of Nithyananda's alleged crimes BeyondKaliYuga View