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41822 10k2rpg PublicFreakout This man has serious problems with Democrats withspaces View
41824 10k45fh PublicFreakout Stranger breaks up a teenager fight and teaches them a wholesome lesson, two years later, the two teenagers are still friends toughendangerment53 View
41825 10k4eq5 PublicFreakout Soccer player suffered a broken arm after landing wrong. Edzeehh133 View
41826 10k4w3w PublicFreakout Guy breaks into a mosque and starts singing. Fight ensues sceletons View
41827 10k5dwm PublicFreakout Food shortage leds to food war in pakistan. People are throwing each other in sewage. metrometro45 View
41828 10k5esm PublicFreakout Seal attack JCHazard View
41830 10k5px3 PublicFreakout Man who really doesn't like Democrats gets kicked out of a restaurant itsreallyreallytrue View
41831 10k5s22 PublicFreakout when you want to give orders but you're not in the trade Jax_Teller7 View
41833 10k632u PublicFreakout Man caught his girl cheating on him after he fixed her car & as soon as he found it out he snatched the Entire Engine right off Akaki111 View
41834 10k65u7 PublicFreakout Trolling an Anti-Vax Rally waltermint View
41835 10k6a4y PublicFreakout Tourists in Hawaii go on a closed off beach OrcaConnoisseur View
41836 10k6cyy PublicFreakout Kid Gets Pulled Out Of McDonald's TitleOne9195 View
41838 10k6il6 PublicFreakout Burger King Customer Gets Beaten Up Puzzleheaded_Jury189 View
41839 10k6m49 PublicFreakout The First Protest in Metaverse History! Creators protest in Horizon World because of Meta's prioritization of it's own events over creators. TheRodParticle View
41840 10k74kq PublicFreakout FWPD police brutality? Original poster says this was shot downtown yesterday. City needs to release the body footage at the very least. ktaktb View