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41908 10kp5xr PublicFreakout Guy tries, using the syllabic equivalent of a GAU-8 avenger to scam 10$ out of me. Fails. Pretty lighthearted, compared to the normal fair. AdequateMedia View
41909 10kpatw PublicFreakout Woman hits her stepdad with a car for putting hands on her mother BillyManHansSr View
41911 10kpy5i PublicFreakout Two Guys Having A Bad Day kalbanes View
41912 10kq1ax PublicFreakout Completely out of touch with society and reality EasyPeezyATC View
41913 10kq89q PublicFreakout he needs to find another job JCHazard View
41914 10kqja6 PublicFreakout Christofascist Lauren Witzke, Delaware Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in 2020, says: "Letting women vote was the worst thing that ever happened to America!" GrizzlyBearAttack View
41915 10kqkcv PublicFreakout CMPD Officer Shot In The Bodycam While Serving An Involuntary Commitment Order freshjiive View
41916 10kqmgh PublicFreakout Homophobic YouTuber Assaults Veteran at Target (Frank Hassle) kaos_tan View
41917 10kqqu6 PublicFreakout Crows freaking out at midnight in Baltimore WickedViolist1 View
41918 10kqu5f PublicFreakout Here's an uncensored clip of "Bück Dich" from one of Rammstein's legendary concerts in Germany. IconicBerserker View
41919 10kqufy PublicFreakout Just a normal day in NYC subway JCHazard View
41921 10krg89 PublicFreakout 95 kg snatch (+5 pr) CloseCry6 View
41922 10krxpv PublicFreakout When a Pakistani Student was schooled by an American on Peaceful community ashu71029 View
41924 10ksb91 PublicFreakout Mother drives towards tornado with her daughter in the car Romano16 View
41925 10ksi4w PublicFreakout Tornado hits high school during lunch thekidwhoruns View