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42904 10qpjjt PublicFreakout An official commits suicide in front of Train. No blood but trigger warning. ( Mumbai ) Comprehensive-Art262 View
42905 10qpml8 PublicFreakout Investigation underway after Hawaii Island police officer fatally shoots pit bull ThisIsButter1 View
42906 10qq2zi PublicFreakout Richmond released body cam after charges were dropped against Oliver Holley in use of force arrest ThisIsButter1 View
42907 10qq627 PublicFreakout Title ueudaddy576 View
42908 10qq6r3 PublicFreakout Aussie slowly gets madder and madder about treasonous government clouds [NSFW language] talentlessclown View
42909 10qqbzt PublicFreakout "New Human" spotted in a Walmart in Ohio QuillyHasCome View
42911 10qrblv PublicFreakout Oathbreaking cops abduct innocent man. After they realize they commited a serious crime, they shut off their body cams. No arrests have been made. Cop thinks not obeying whatever order given is illegal. Ill-Organization-719 View
42912 10qrg9p PublicFreakout Public library has citizen abducted by police for filming in public. After the police realize they just commited a serious crime, they shut off their body cams. No arrests have been made. Ill-Organization-719 View
42913 10qs6hd PublicFreakout Hurricane victim lashes out over news reporter Chopsuiiisauce View
42914 10qswxh PublicFreakout A dramatic chase without any context. Enjoy! _FooL_ View
42915 10qtuzd PublicFreakout Walgreens security guard sucker punches homeless woman and she doesn’t even flinch taylor212834 View
42916 10qu3l9 PublicFreakout Decided to drop by St Mary's Cathedral to pay our lack of respects vextender View
42917 10quqxk PublicFreakout Israeli military blocking Palestinian ambulances karaCHNNM View
42918 10quz19 PublicFreakout Guy Gets Shot 10 Times After Starting A Fight He Shouldn’t Have Started (credit: WickedViral instagram) iceondeck View
42919 10qwcml PublicFreakout Complete Pervert exercises his first amendment right recording young women. Doesn't let up when asked politely stop. Laxing2468 View