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48922 11u81d2 PublicFreakout Kentucky State Rep. Pamela Stevenson had words for her Republican colleagues over a bill that would ban gender-affirming care for youths. Romano16 View
48923 11u83et PublicFreakout Karen breaks into house and threat the kids WandaMaximumoff View
48925 11u8nam PublicFreakout Nazis in West Palm Beach, FL. iamonlyaman07 View
48926 11u8ufr PublicFreakout Had an authentic Irish pub experience today for St Patty’s ☘️ Zestyclose-Pea-3533 View
48927 11u98a9 PublicFreakout More footage from the RU strike in Novomoskovsk, Dnepropetrovsk region. Fuel storage destroyed by Russian missiles. ProNuclearWar View
48928 11u9ecn PublicFreakout Ukrainian soldiers trying to shoot down Russian missiles with small arms fire. ProNuclearWar View
48929 11uas2n PublicFreakout A shitty situation. mas_tacos_guey View
48930 11uayet PublicFreakout Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has signed a law guaranteeing free breakfast and lunch for all students in the state, regardless of how much money their parents make. Tens of thousands of food-insecure kids will benefit. Ciaran123C View
48931 11ub196 PublicFreakout Big rat in Peet’s Coffee in Oakland Admirable_Oil_5504 View
48934 11ubd94 PublicFreakout Wrestling mom has meltdown after her son loses in an upset at the NCAA Tournament BobUfer View
48935 11ubli9 PublicFreakout Merle Allin (GG Allin’s brother) smashing a guitar over a man’s head who just puked and pissed on gg’s grave… FLUMPD View
48938 11uci8b PublicFreakout israel occupation soldiers run to execute a wounded palestinian face down on the ground with a shot to the head. (NSFL) treebob07 View
48939 11uclvc PublicFreakout Spencer Lee’s mom after her son lost in the National Semi-final of NCAA Wrestling. buckeyespud View
48940 11ucp76 PublicFreakout Man beatdown by couple after threatening to shoot them during LA Metro commute tefunka View
48942 11ud9ry PublicFreakout Nazis crash women's rights protest in Melbourne, Australia. Inmeout View