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48962 11ugngu PublicFreakout Man assaults a Tesla brooooo69 View
48963 11ugrk2 PublicFreakout France tonight. A man with a magic wand forces the police to retreat. botcraft_net View
48964 11ugval PublicFreakout wow there... ohhiimaaark View
48965 11uh30b PublicFreakout Murder suspect flees from heavily armed SWAT team RussianTrollsStalkMe View
48966 11uhmtd PublicFreakout Sey Guard single handedly stopped two robbers in Lahore, Pakistan captnmcboatface View
48967 11uhxgs PublicFreakout Indiana Cop mistakenly shoots at actor during movie scene PinkVoyd View
48968 11ui7u0 PublicFreakout Gang of GIANT Karens attack a little Mexican guy Repulsive-Aide-208 View
48969 11uie8b PublicFreakout Police beating protest and Party workers of PTI l inside of Former PM, Imran Khan. name_with_no_meaning View
48970 11uimul PublicFreakout I would’ve been terrified if I was in the passenger’s position Relief-Old View
48971 11uirnc PublicFreakout Bike gets stuck on railway track fitnessfuck View
48973 11ukh5y PublicFreakout Israeli terrorists attacked Palestinian farmers and used a Palestinian child as a human shield. Rich_Midnight2346 View
48974 11ukjx4 PublicFreakout Karen getting told off by the cops for being a dumbass Relief-Old View
48975 11ukocg PublicFreakout In Brazil's northeast, students crowdfunded to help a teacher who had not received his salary for two months Gimokes View
48976 11ulzsz PublicFreakout Nerd Loses It and Beats The Shit Out Of A Bully Carmichael123456 View
48977 11umg7c PublicFreakout NYC Parking Ken exek25 View