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48978 11umvvq PublicFreakout Environmental enforcement agent acting crazy. She ended up losing her job Shinji415 View
48979 11umyxz PublicFreakout Jon Stewart Grills Larry Summers on Inflation, Wage Increases v Corporate Profits SneakyTurtle90 View
48980 11umyrs PublicFreakout Soccer player body slams his opponent after getting tackled. Edzeehh133 View
48982 11unnp9 PublicFreakout Some bikers are "assholes" clearly not this guy! soft_prophecy56 View
48984 11up0ww PublicFreakout Heave it in lion_OBrian View
48985 11up7e9 PublicFreakout Woman freaks out when cashier doesn’t use correct pronouns LovableJackassv4 View
48987 11upf86 PublicFreakout Climate activists spary paint over Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, mayor and police intervene to stop them Cyberdragofinale View
48988 11uq0ek PublicFreakout 2year old Palestinian girl pepper sprayed yesterday by Israeli settlers cries as her eyes burn after colonial Israeli settlers attacked the family in their car in Huwara with stones pepper spraying the child, injuring the grandfather in the head sending him to the hospital, severely damaging the car IndependenceOk7959 View
48989 11uq0mb PublicFreakout Man resists arrest and gets bodyslammed LovableJackassv4 View
48990 11uqosq PublicFreakout Shooting breaks out on Miami Beach during spring break YNWAFonz View
48991 11uqwxt PublicFreakout Armed Israeli settlers attacking Palestinian farmers and using a Palestinian child as a human shield. TheLonleyStrategos View
48994 11us0ok PublicFreakout Trying to start a fight Chopsuiiisauce View
48997 11ut1wv PublicFreakout Two Officers Get Stabbed In The Face While Doing Welfare Check freshjiive View
48998 11utbyi PublicFreakout Israeli terrorists attacked Palestinian farmers and used a Palestinian child as a human shield. aymanzone View
48999 11utu1u PublicFreakout Whenever I see a post with the police.. predator-os View