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49019 11uy8ar PublicFreakout someone definitely got fired that day sakamoto__ View
49021 11uytfu PublicFreakout Up close footage of tornado GoodLaughh View
49022 11uz0z2 PublicFreakout Chicago man tries to rob woman who turned out to be an off duty officer resulting in a struggle and which he’s shot three times. He would later die from his wounds. LovableJackassv4 View
49024 11v0rx8 PublicFreakout Karen goes on a homophobic rant and accuses lesbian couple of grooming children sakamoto__ View
49026 11v1e8n PublicFreakout A summons and/or a toe away of her vehicle would make sense. But an arrest? Lol wowww AndrewsTaint View
49027 11v1t1o PublicFreakout A drunken Karen goes on her neighbors for no apparent reason. Just....another drunken Tuesday. sexONaStDick View
49028 11v1y28 PublicFreakout Black air force activity ContentWaterBuffalo View
49029 11v2hwm PublicFreakout Old lady screaming like a lunatic because a piece of wood was on her side of the yard sakamoto__ View
49030 11v2t6n PublicFreakout Well that’s one way to solve the argument bsmith2123 View
49036 11v3w5y PublicFreakout Customers really don't want pink lighters LeMickeyMouseRing View
49037 11v483w PublicFreakout Why is it so hard for Karen to mind her own business? Suspicious_Stay_5778 View
49038 11v4h2n PublicFreakout KCAL meteorologist Alissa Carlson Schwartz passes out mid news segment. weeb385 View
49039 11v5ebu PublicFreakout Shocking moment Jeff Younger misgenders trans man romeofantasy View
49042 11v6c04 PublicFreakout CBS L.A.'s KCAL News meteorologist faints on live tv sakamoto__ View
49044 11v7904 PublicFreakout Man Recording Sits Next to Boomer, Boomer Freaks Out GrizzlyBearAttack View