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49067 11vd109 PublicFreakout You want a civil war!!!!!! She is ready Thats_someBS View
49071 11vetj7 PublicFreakout An Israeli soldier is filmed savagely beating a bound and defenseless Palestinian child in Jabal Al Mukaber. 18.3.2023 JeanJauresJr View
49072 11vevkv PublicFreakout Female fighters Inked Dory and Karina Pedro flash their boobs at the crowd during MMA event in Prague UncivilizedBeast View
49073 11vf31m PublicFreakout I’m a white female, I need help. Romano16 View
49074 11vgeor PublicFreakout Man beats a woman and forcefully puts her in the car, Bangladesh. GoldenHen1990 View
49075 11vgi8s PublicFreakout The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina NickfromLafayette92 View
49076 11vi2n0 PublicFreakout Dude gets ragdolled by a lady in detroit, and loses composure. YoroDoucheMan View
49080 11viig2 PublicFreakout You can hear the israeli fascist soldier shout at the dog, saying: bite him! bite him! (to bite the Palestinian teenager) [Sources in the comments] transferstudentx View
49081 11vizoi PublicFreakout Welp..... sexONaStDick View
49082 11vkclf PublicFreakout Good morning, good evening, and good luck! s_y_s_t_e_m_i_c_ View
49083 11vke8j PublicFreakout On my way to work this morning LovableJackassv4 View
49084 11vklr3 PublicFreakout Man detains Special Needs man on suspicion he stole a bike. LovableJackassv4 View
49085 11vkpsa PublicFreakout Punching a flight attendant because they asked you to wear your seatbelts... moosery8 View
49087 11vlmli PublicFreakout KCAL-CBS meteorologist fainted Saturday morning during a live TV broadcast. travelers-live View
49088 11vlurj PublicFreakout Black Hebrew Israelites Vs Jewish Man LovableJackassv4 View