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60 txnos3 PublicFreakout Verhofstadt is leading hundreds of MEPs demanding full sanctions immediately. They're calling for a special meeting. Harsh words against Michel, von der Leyen and Scholz MikeTheDude23 View
61 txno1h PublicFreakout The way the koreans defended their businesses during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots Patient-Ad-1017 View
62 txnprk PublicFreakout Community Watch: Man Checks A Guy In A Suspicious Van Parked In Front Of A School majic8balll View
63 txnozy PublicFreakout Starbucks manager retroactively reprimands woman for going to the hospital to push back against union attempts. amznfx View
66 txnvgv PublicFreakout Passionate speech by Guy Verhofstadt MEP to urge tougher and full sanctions against Russia Zhana-Aul View
67 txo40t PublicFreakout Israeli settlers harassing Elderly Palestinian Shepherd lolwut07 View
69 txo40t PublicFreakout Israeli settlers harassing Elderly Palestinian Shepherd lolwut07 View
70 txobcr PublicFreakout crackhead thinks a stroller will cover her thievery and keeps asking for manager even though she knows she's a thief quazziwazzi View
71 txol4s PublicFreakout Asking people not to destroy your property is white supremacy tjbrownxxx View
72 txond1 PublicFreakout It doesn’t matter which country is in the right. This is just cruel. majic8balll View
73 txooa2 PublicFreakout Number 1 seeded player Michael Kouame from France slaps Raphael Nii Ankrah after losing in the ongoing TGF ITF jnrs world tour at the Accra sports stadium handlewithcareme View
74 txopsb PublicFreakout he was just trying to stand up for himself. youwantphillyphilly9 View
75 txor95 PublicFreakout Fight at gas station over overpriced beer youwantphillyphilly9 View
78 txow3c PublicFreakout Watch your back at cash points majic8balll View
79 txpev5 PublicFreakout Kids brutally gang up on basketball referee after the game. Ykana1 View